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Head Start

The WJCC-CAA Early Education Head Start program helps young children from low-income families prepare to succeed in school. Our Head Start programs support children's growth from age 3 to age 5 through services that support early learning and development, health, and family well-being.


Head Start staff actively engage parents, recognizing family participation throughout the program as key to strong child outcomes. Head Start services are available at no cost to children ages 3 to 5 in eligible families. We deliver child development services in a center-based setting and continually work toward our mission for eligible children and families to receive high-quality services in safe and healthy settings that prepare children for school and life.

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Services for
children and Families


Early Learning and Development

  • Building strong relationships with families

  • Engaging families in their child’s learning and recognizes parents as a child’s first and most influential teacher


Health and Wellness

  • Engaging all children in both indoor and outdoor physical activity

  • Serving breakfast, lunch, and snacks that are healthy and nutritious



Family Well-Being

  • Providing parenting support and strategies

  • Supporting parental health and links to community services during pregnancy

Does my Family qualify for Head Start?

Your family qualifies for the Head Start program if your household income is at or below the poverty level. Check the Poverty Guidelines to see if your family qualifies.

Families who receive public assistance (TANF, SSI, or SNAP), and those with children in foster care or children who are homeless, also qualify regardless of income.

Eligibility and Enrollment

WJCC-CAA Head Start services are for children from ages 3 to 5. Eligible participants include children whose families meet the federal low-income guidelines — that is, whose incomes are at or below the federal poverty guidelines or who participate in Temporary Assistance for Needy Families, Supplemental Security Income, or Supplemental Nutrition Assistance Program public assistance services. Other eligible participants include children who are in the foster care system or experiencing homelessness. Our programs also accepts a limited number of children who do not meet any of those eligibility criteria.


Our program enrolls children with disabilities and welcomes children who speak a language other than English at home.

As there are generally more eligible children than is supported by program funding, we maintain a waiting list according to our selection criteria for when a spot becomes available.

What are the required documents for enrollment?

  1. Proof of Income: 2 Pay Stubs, W-2, 1040 Tax Form, or Statement from Employer.

  2. Proof of Child's Identity: Child's birth certificate, notification of birth from the hospital, or child's identity from a child-placing agency (foster care/adoption agencies).

  3. Proof of Residence: Utility Bill (electric, water, gas, etc.), Lease/Mortgage/Rental document.

  4. Current Signed Physical; Immunization (Shot) Records and Dental Exam.

  5. Two Emergency Contacts Including Addresses and Phone Numbers.

  6. Custody of Court Documents (if applicable).

How do I apply?

If you are interested in registering for the WJCC-CAA Head Start program, please click on the link below. Be sure to add all household members and upload the required documents before submitting them. We cannot consider any application until Head Start Family Services Specialist has reviewed your registration.  A Family Services specialist will contact you to set up an appointment. 

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“Head Start  was not just an opportunity for my child to go to school but it was hope given to my family that we can do better...”

Head Start Parent, Williamsburg, VA


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