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Head Start programs are helping children get ready to succeed in school and in life through learning experiences tailored to their changing needs and abilities.

Early Learning and Development

  • Building strong relationships as the foundational driver for early learning

  • Engaging families in their child’s learning and recognizing parents as a child’s first and most influential teacher

  • Implementing effective practices to promote children’s growth in five key domains: approaches to learning, social and emotional development, language and literacy, cognition, and physical development

  • Encouraging learning through play, creative expression, and guided activities with schedules and lesson plans that include the cultural and language heritage of each child and family in relevant ways

  • Creating welcoming learning environments in indoor and outdoor settings that are well-organized and safe

  • Conducting ongoing screenings and assessments to ensure each child is making progress, and collaborating with parents and community agencies when further assessment is needed

  • Supporting the full inclusion of children with disabilities and building on their strengths

Health and Wellness

  • Engaging all children in both indoor and outdoor physical activity

  • Serving breakfast, lunch, and snacks that are healthy and nutritious

  • Ensuring children receive medical, dental, hearing, vision, and behavioral screening

  • Making sure children brush their teeth after meals and promoting oral health and hygiene

  • Helping families understand and support their child’s health and behavioral health needs

  • Assisting with mental health services for children and families, as needed

  • Building resilience to help children and families heal from traumatic experiences or events and overwhelming situations

Family Well-being

  • Providing parenting support and strategies

  • Supporting parental health and links to community services during pregnancy

  • Connecting families to community and federal assistance

  • Assisting families in identifying and reaching their goals and dreams, including those related to finances and economic mobility, housing, employment, and education

  • Providing a career pathway in early care and education — about 25% of program staff nationwide are former Head Start parents!

Family Engagement

  • Inviting parents to share information and insights about their child

  • Celebrating the role of fathers and male caregivers through father engagement

  • Engaging parents as their child’s lifelong advocate

  • Welcoming parents to offer ways to improve children and families’ experiences in the program, including through leadership roles on the Policy Council

  • Supporting child and family transitions when the child is ready for the next step, to Head Start, kindergarten, or another early childhood program


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