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Our Promise

Community Action changes people's lives, embodies the spirit of hope, improves communities, and makes America a better place to live. We care about the entire community, and we are dedicated to helping people help themselves and each other.


The Williamsburg James City County Community Action Agency is one of over 1000 Community Action Partnerships nationwide which empower families to be self-sufficient. 

We are a 501(c)(3) community-based nonprofit founded in 1968 to act as a trusted resource of integrated services and community partnerships to promote self-reliance for low-income families. WJCC CAA programs focus on education, parent involvement, energy bill reduction and life skills through our ‘whole family approach.

We nurture children through the Head Start preschool and Project Discovery for first generation college-bound students. We provide integrated support for the whole family including weatherization of homes to reduce energy bills, one-time emergency rent or utility bill assistance tied to budgeting classes, free EITC income tax preparation, holiday food distribution, and Smart Money Management classes. We serve over 4,000 people a year. 

We help plant the seeds for a thriving Williamsburg-James City County community.

To learn more about Community Action Agency's visit the National Community Action Partnership website or read this brochure

Key Facts:

  • Our team of almost 50 staff includes teachers, bus drivers and professionals who work with our 8 Head Start classrooms, weatherization program, youth programs, and adult skill building. 

  • Our budget of over $4.6 million includes federal, state and corporate grants. Local donations and in-kind gifts make up a critical 12% of our budget.

  • 90% of the funds we receive are spent on the clients we serve; only 10% are spent on administration. 

  • Our Board of Directors represents three sectors of our community: elected officials or their designee, low-income representatives, and private and/or civic representatives. 

  • WJCC CAA programs reduce the need for public support.

Families Served in 2017
  • 8,672 services were provided 

  • We served 154 children and their families through Head Start and Family Services

  • 365 youths participated in Neighborhood Basketball League

  • 55 students took part in Project Discovery

  • 5,886 persons were benefitted from our Weatherization service

  • 1,289 received emergency assistance

  • 607 persons benefitted from free tax preparation services

Core Values

Client-Centered – we are passionate about helping clients. Their success is a key measurement of our success.

Accountable – we achieve our missions and hold fast to being accountable to our stakeholders – our community, constituents, donors, board, staff, volunteers, collaborators, and our government partners.

Collaborative – we prioritize teamwork, inclusivity and shared goals with our government and nonprofit colleagues, which allows us to serve our clients better.

Trusted – we are honest and ethical in everything we do and clients believe in the services provided by the agency and staff.

Flexible – we adapt to the ever changing environment and are flexible for the needs of our clients.

Culturally Competent – we are sensitive to, respect and understand the cultural and linguistic diversity among our clients.

Mission Statement

To act as a trusted resource of integrated services and community partnerships, that promotes self-sufficiency for individuals and families in targeted communities.

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Vision Statement

We achieve superior outcomes in service delivery, technically and financially in a welcoming environment that are measurable and acknowledged.