Why Volunteer at Community Action Agency?

Volunteers are instrumental to our agency’s success and therefore the success of our customers. Our funding does not allow us to hire every position that is needed nor equips us with all of the resources that are needed.

Why Volunteer? Besides friends, fun, and a feeling of satisfaction from helping others, volunteers bring experiences and expertise to agencies that operate on limited funds. Volunteering allows one to give back to the community and promotes a positive community spirit. Also, Head Start gets a large part of its funding from the Federal government. In return for this, Head Start agrees to provide evidence of products and services donated to the program. This is known as In-Kind. Should you volunteer in the Head Start or Project Discovery program, it would be counted as an in-kind donation.

We appreciate the many volunteers that have unselfishly given of their time and energy to this agency and the people we serve. We look forward to continuing our relationship with our experienced volunteers and welcoming new volunteers as well.

We offer programs and services that connect people with opportunities to serve in a way that involves their participation in the improvement of the quality of life for many within the community.

Volunteer opportunities:

  • Head Start
  • Project Discovery
  • Neighborhood Basketball League
  • Summer Youth Camps
  • Youth Programs
  • Holiday Food Distribution Program
  • Agency Support: office support, fundraising, social media & website, etc.

Call 757-229-9332 to volunteer.