Privacy Statement


The Williamsburg-James City County Community Action Agency  provides links to other Web pages to assist you in your job hunt and needed services. These links are provided as a public service, and we make no warranties of any kind about their content, their accuracy, suitability, currency, intent, comprehensiveness, or availability of information at those links. Web sites have been reviewed before being added to our website, but they may be modified by their owners at any time thereafter.

The Williamsburg-James City County Community Action  Agency does not endorse any advertisements that appear on any linked site.

Please exercise reasonable judgment in using the information at the links provided. As with any information provided via the Internet or any other public communications medium, don’t believe everything you read. There is misinformation everywhere, but you will also find extremely useful information as well. It is the sole responsibility of any person viewing data found through these links to verify by outside means the accuracy of any information before taking any action.

Protect Your Privacy

Even while job hunting, you should protect your privacy. If the Web site wants you to complete a “profile” of your skills and experience or to leave a resume, examine how the site will use that information before you provide it. Visit the Employer/Recruiter section of the Web site to see who gets access to the resume/profile database, and whether you retain any control over your own information. Do all employers have easy access to your resume with your name, address, phone number, and e-mail address? Or can you exert some measure of control over your information?

Report Website Issues

Should you find a site included in our website which you find objectionable, please send a message to us immediately. In your message, please include:

  • the offending site’s name and URL
  • its location in the WJCC CAA listings
  • the reason you find the site objectionable

Send this information to