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About CAA’s

Williamsburg-James City County Community Action Agency (WJCC CAA) is a 501(c)(3) non-profit corporation domiciled in the Commonwealth of Virginia.

What is a Community Action Agency?
Community Action Agencies (CAAs, also known as Community Action Programs or CAPs) are private, non-profit human service and advocacy organizations that were established by Congress and the President over 30 years ago to fight poverty by opening the doors to self-sufficiency.

CAAs provide emergency assistance to people in crisis; address the causes of poverty through programs that fight unemployment, inadequate housing, poor nutrition, and lack of educational opportunity; and provide training in advocacy skills.

How does WJCC Community Action Agency open doors to self-sufficiency?

CAAs provide basic support and training services. To see detailed information on the  programs/services that WJCC Community Action Agency offers, see the Programs & Services section of this Web site. Below is the current listing of programs and services:

Head Start

  • Education – preparation for kindergarten
  • ESL Classes – Limited or non-English speaking
  • Family Services – Parent involvement
  • Health

Weatherization & Housing Assistance Program

  • Weatherization of Homes and Multi-family housing
  • USDA Housing Repair Program
  • Dominion Power Energy Efficiency program

Community Services

  • Homeless Prevention & Intervention
  • Emergency Services
  • Feed the Need (Christmas Baskets)
  • Community Development Organizations
  • EITC Free Tax Preparation Program
  • Smart $$ Management, Building and Preservation Program

Youth Services

  • Project Discovery
  • Neighborhood Basketball league
  • Summer Sports Camps (Basketball and Track & Field)
  • Walking in Queenly Ways (girls)

What impact do CAAs have in their communities?
CAAs help hundreds of thousands of Virginian residents meet their basic needs and achieve self-sufficiency. In addition, CAAs play a major role in the economic well-being of local communities, providing jobs for residents and contracts to local businesses. CAAs are economic engines, providing communities with an annual infusion of over $250 million in total resources. CAAs generate twice that amount by helping clients become self-sufficient and productive.

What are the highlights of CAA activities in Virginia

  • Serve over 81,000 families.
  • Serve over 153,000 individuals.
  • Serve 52,000 children and 45,000 people who lacked health insurance
  • Leveraged $13 for each dollar of CSBG funding

Specific highlights of WJCC Community Action Agency

  • Served 1,651 families
  • Served 4,627 individuals
  • Employ 49 people
  • Partner with more than 50 service and resource providers
  • # of volunteers- 859 and # of volunteer hours – 3.166

How do CAA Boards represent their communities?
Each CAA is anchored in the community by a Board of Directors made up in equal parts by low-income people, members of the business and/or civic community, and local public officials. WJCC Community Action Agency’s Board of Directors sets the goals and policies for the agency.

How are CAAs funded?
Core funding for CAAs comes from the federal Community Services Block Grant (CSBG) program. CSBG funds are allocated to the state’s housing agency and then distributed to each CAA. CSBG enables CAAs to implement a variety of support services, programs to promote self-sufficiency, and training in advocacy skills.

CAAs also receive funds from other federal sources, the state, and private contributors. A large portion of these resources are leveraged by CSBG funds. CAAs are also among the most cost-effective and innovative service and training agencies in the state. We devote less than 10 percent of our resources to administration, leaving 90 percent of our resources for programs.

Who are the WJCC Community Action Agency officers and what committees are in place?

WJCC Community Action Agency Officers & Committees


Carolyn Baker, Chair Target Community
Maj. Eric Peterson, Vice-Chair Private Sector
Lt. Jeffrey Hicklin, Treasurer James City County
Diane Finney, Secretary James City County
Jason O’Conner, Assistant Secretary Private Sector
Board Members:
Bobby Braxton City of Williamsburg
Quinton Brown Target Community
Dr. Danielle Dallaire Private Sector
Eletha Davis Target Community
George Drummond Target Community
Francine Green Target Community
Ariel Hedgepeth Private Sector
Shirley Hundley Private Sector
Ron Monark Private Sector
Hugo Reyes Private Sector
Dr. Catherine Richardson James City County
Amanda Ulishney Private Sector
Peter Walentisch City of Williamsburg
Rev. Thomas Wynne Target Community

Board Committees are:

  • Executive Committee
  • Governance & Nominating Committee
  • Finance Committee
  • Audit – Sub committee
  • Planning & Performance Committee
  • Communication & Development
  • Community Development organization

Who do I contact to learn more about WJCC CAA?
See the Contact page of this Web site.